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Hands-on Educational Sets

We offer a full line of interactive, hands-on education kits that are designed to engage the student in the learning process actively.

Rock and Mineral Sets

Each of our Rock and Mineral sets provide a well organized, documented and subject-focused learning tool for your classroom. Therefore, your students can progress from the basics of specimen identification and Mohs hardness to learning about the unique properties of various minerals. In addition, they will even grow their own crystals! In all, we have over 30 different rock and mineral sets designed to intrigue and inform your students.

Fossil and Paleontology Sets

Are you ready to unleash your student’s inner explorer? These sets contain unique specimens from around the world. Dinosaur bones, petrified wood, shark teeth and Cambrian algae are just a few of the items we have assembled into these kits to pique your students natural curiosity about the past.

Miscellaneous Sets

Let your students experience the rich heritage of Native American culture with our arrowhead sets! On a more artistic note, our Native American paint sets let your students make their own natural paint, in the same way, they made it thousands of years ago!

Finally, we are always adding to and updating our kits to keep them interesting and exciting. Hence, we will also be making a variety of educational resources available for download, so check back often!

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