Did you know…..

JMDC’s daily admission is free to 9 acres of botanical gardens with over ten dinosaur sculptures!

JMDC is open six days a week. Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm, Sunday from noon through 5:00 pm. Monday we are closed.

JMDC is located in Jurupa Valley in the foothills of the Jurupa Mountains at 7621 Granite HIll Drive, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509. You can call our offices to speak with a staff member at 951.685.5818.

JMDC has 82 acres used for school field trips, a large variety of daily paid Expeditions, weekend activities, community events, and private parties.

JMDC's Museum Gift Shop is going through a complete renovation, the first since it was built. New sections, color on the walls, expanded floor space, new displays, and brighter more efficient lighting. It is a great thing to see the changes every week as we get closer to completion. Be sure to stop in a see the changes and give us your thoughts.

JMDC has tortoises and turtles. In our turtle pond out in the garden we have twenty-eight Red Ear Sliders and some gold fish. We are making plans to expand the turtle pond later in the year. In the tortoise barn and paddock outside the Museum Gift Shop we have two permitted female California Desert Tortoise (Rose Petal and ?) and in the barn and paddock next door we have two male Sulcata Tortoises (Gamera and Alfredo) from sub-Sahara Africa. Currently an expanded enclosure is being designed for the tortoises in one of our gardens.

Share your pictures on Instagram at #jmdcmanydiscoveries or #jurupamountainsdiscoverycenter. We'd love see what you see!

Remember Many Discoveries are waiting for you at Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center!

Upcoming Special Events!

JMDC has many exciting family events happening this Winter and Spring. Look at this list of upcoming special events and save the dates. More details will be posted for each event here and on our Facebook Page as the date gets closer.

Every Saturday – JMDC at The Valley Patch Farmer’s Market from 8:00am to 1:00pm at the Jurupa Valley Spectrum, 8022 Limonite Ave., Jurupa Valley 92509. We will have a selection of plants from Granite Hill Nursery and items from our Gift Shop for your convenience.

March 18th – Our Speaker Series continues with Chris Gentile. At 10:00 am join us in the West Museum for The Dinosaur Roar.

Come and find out how the dinosaurs lived! How and what did the dinosaurs eat? How did they warm their bodies? Did they actually roar? Discover the current ideas to these questions and more in this fun and informative presentation on dinosaur paleobiology!

Ages: K to Adult – Duration: 45 minutes to an hour. Chris Gentile holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geology with an emphasis in Geobiology from UCR. Chris holds a deep appreciation for dinosaurs and paleontology. He has taught a class on Dinosaur Paleobiology at UCR and has collaborated on a study involving dinosaur foot prints and track ways in Utah. He enjoys giving presentations and is passionate about public outreach and education. This is a free lecture.

March 25th – OPEN HOUSE at Granite Hill Nursery from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Mike and Patti will be your host and hostess for this event. They have many things planned for you. New plants in Granite Hill Nursery for sale. Lecture about small space landscaping with cactus and succulents. Questions & Answers on succulent care. There will be hourly raffles, get your raffle ticket at the Granite Hill Nursery office. Light refreshments will be provided while they last.

March 26th – Reiki Level One Certification Training with Debbie Nuccio Durrough. Debbie is a Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master teacher and Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese Energy Balancing Method of laying on of hands to promote energy renewal and relaxation. Reiki treats the whole person by restoring balance on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Call our office to register for these events. Also, look for updated information on our Facebook page on these and other events.

Granite Hill Nursery

If you have not visited Granite Hill Nursery recently you want to make the visit. Mike and Patti have been working very hard to give Granite Hill Nursery a new look and feel. Come see what they have done and give them your opinion. They want Granite Hill Nursery to be your place to visit.

Granite Hill Nursery at JMDC has a large variety of species of cacti and succulents in a range of sizes. Much of our stock comes from our growing fields and propagation houses. The rest is from rescue, donations or outside suppliers. We are bringing in new plants on a regular basis. If there is a particular plant you want ask Mike or Patti to see if they can get it for you.

We have many varieties of Ferocactus acanthodes, barrel cactus. Sizes range from 12" tall to 4 feet tall. The best price anywhere for these extraordinary plants. Buy your own piece of California Native history. Our selections are always changing, so stop by often. Granite Hill Nursery's hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Sunday noon to 4:30 pm.

While visiting Granite Hill Nursery be sure to explore the associated gardens. The Cactus and Succulent gardens have many mature and unique species on several acres to explore. Our Aloe Fields have species from North and South Africa spread over several acres on our garden slopes. The Remembrance Garden, a collection of small Butterfly gardens, is under construction by Life Scouts working on their Eagle Service Projects. The Pelargonium Garden is under renovation. Several trails that meander through the gardens allow for great photography opportunities as the light and shadow change throughout the day. Come and shop Granite Hill Nursery and spend time relaxing in the gardens.

Post your cactus or succulent pictures at #granitehillnursery and share with everyone