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Rock Collecting at the Dinosaurs

Rock Collecting at the Dinosaurs is JMDC

California Rockhound

California Rockhound

Dinosaur Dig

Our Dinosaur Dig Expedition is fun for aspiring paleontologists of all ages. This Expedition introduces Student Explorers to the world of Paleontology through a hands-on dig experience. Student Explorers will begin their Expedition with a tour of our dinosaur sculptures, learning fun facts about each, as well as a little about how each was discovered. Once Student Explorers arrive at the dig site, they will be given some tools of the trade and will work together as a team to unearth an Allosaurus skeleton, replicating an actual dig experience.

Cost – $10.00 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA Next Generation Science Standards – 3LS4.A; 3LS3.C; 4ESS1.C

Fossils Through Time

This Expedition complements CA Next Generation Science

Geology of California

The geology of California is one of the most diverse in the United States. This Expedition takes Student Explorers on a journey across the great state of California discovering the geological processes that shaped the landscape. These forces include volcanic eruptions, water and wind erosion, and plate tectonics. Also discussed is the importance the mining industry plays in the economy of California. Student Explorers receive a collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils indigenous to California.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA Next Generation Science Standards – 2ESS1.C; 2ESS2.A; 2ESS2.C; 3LS4.C; 4ESS1.C; 4ESS2.A; 5ESS2.A; MS8ESS1.C; MS7ESS2.C

Gold Fever!

This Student Learning Expedition takes Student Explorers back to the days of the 49ers and the California Gold Rush. During the days of the Gold Rush, gold fever swept across the United States bringing thousands of people to California, changing the course of California history and the state’s economy. During this Expedition, Student Explorers learn about life during the gold rush, staking claims, and the important role women played in California history. Student Explorers will try their hand at panning for gold, keeping any gold and other minerals they find. Be warned – you just may catch GOLD FEVER!

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA History Social Science Standards – HSS4.3.3; HSS4.3.4; HSS4.4.2

JMDC Archaeology

Early Man Archaeology Dig

This Expedition gives Student Explorers a taste of life as an Archaeologist. After learning the science behind archaeology, Student Explorers will be instructed on the archaeological process. They will be given a trowel and brush to use as they unearth artifacts. They will record their findings in a field notebook which they will take home. The mock archaeology site represents an early man site. Student Explorers will unearth flint knapping tools, obsidian, arrow points, and perhaps a bone or two. At the conclusion of the dig, Student Explorers will share their findings with the group.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA History Social Science Standards – HSS 6th

Pictograph Language and Art

What was life like 500 years ago? How did people communicate without a written language? Instead of written words, one method of communication was through pictures, known as pictographs. This Student Learning Expedition combines history, language arts, and visual arts while offering a glimpse into the life of long ago. Student Explorers will discover the ways life long ago differed from our own and the many ways it was similar. Student Explorers will be told a story using pictures. Student Explorers will then grind minerals into paint and tell their own original story using pictographs.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA history Social Science and Visual Arts Standards – HSS1.4.3; HSS3.2.2; HSS5.1.2; VAPA.VA 1.2.1; LA K-6th


Adventures in Adobe

Discover the history of Adobe Brick making and the significance of the adobe brick to California history. This Student Learning Expedition delves into the importance of adobe, along with a natural water supply, as an important natural resource for early California settlers. Don’t be afraid to get dirty as you immerse yourself in the adobe making process. This is a hands-on and “feet-on” activity. Student Explorers work together to make adobe bricks, and can make their own adobe brick to take home.

Cost – $10.00 per Explorer.  

This Expedition Complements Ca History Social Science Standards – HSS K6.3; 1.4.3; 1.5.2; 3.2; 4.2.1; 4.2.3; 4.2.4; 4.2.5

How and Why

Meet the members of JMDC’s Critter Corner family. During this Student Learning Expedition, Student Explorers will be introduced to a variety of reptiles and arthropods. Your Guide will discuss habitats, eating habits, body structure and function, reproduction, and the diversity that exists within an ecosystem. Some discussion topics include arboreal versus terrestrial; how and why foot pads differ; ways reptiles have adapted to their environment; and many more topics. Student Explorers will have an opportunity to see these critters up close and touch some of the reptiles. This Learning Expedition is enhanced with a JMDC Critters: How and Why Activity Book which reinforces the concepts covered in the program.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA Next Generation Science Standards – K S1.C; 1 LS1.A; 1 LS1.D; 2 LS4.D; 3 LS1.B; 4 LS1.A


Ecosystems, Genetics and Critters

JMDC’s Student Learning Expedition Ecosystems, Genetics and Critters is designed for grades 5 and above, Student Explorers participating in this program will take an in depth look into the interdependent relationships of ecosystems, focusing specifically on deserts, riparian zones and forests. The program will discuss the ways the major components, including plants and animals, in an ecosystem work together. Student Explorers will also discover ways an ecosystem can be disrupted. In addition, this program will take a deeper dive into the reproduction and inherited traits of various reptiles. Student Explorers will get up-close to the reptiles discussed. Participants will receive a JMDC Ecosystems, Genetics, and Critters Activity Book which reinforces the concepts covered in this program.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

This Expedition complements CA Next Generation Science Standards – 5 LS2.A; 6 LS1.B; 7 LS2.A; 8 LS3.B; HS LS2.A

Plants of the Jurupa Mountains

Plants of the Jurupa Mountains Student Learning Expedition takes Student Explorers on a walking tour of the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center grounds while they discover facts about the plants native to this region. Depending upon the grade level, concepts covered may include: how do plants grow; parts of a plant; growth and development of plants; plant reproduction; pollination; unique life cycles of plants; the role of plants within this ecosystem and ways the ecosystem can be disrupted; and variations in traits. Student Explorers will receive a Plants of JMDC Activity Book which reinforces the concepts covered in the program. Expedition is tailored to cover content specific standards of the grade level participating.

Cost – $12.50 per Explorer.

Meets CA Next Generation Science Standards – K LS1.1; 1 LS1.A; 1 LS1.B; 2 LS2.A; 3 LS1.B; 4 LS1.A; 5 LS2.A; 6 LS1.B; 7 LS2.A; HS LS2.A; HS LS2.B


Expedition Enhancements

Add one or more of our Expedition Enhancements.

Bring your own Lunch

After a bus ride and a great Learning Expedition every Student Explorer needs something to eat. JMDC can reserve an area for Student Explorers to sit down and enjoy a meal they bring from home or school. You provide the food, and we’ll provide the place.

No Cost | Adds ≈30 minutes to the Expedition time.

Museum of Discoveries

A visit to JMDC’s Museum of Discoveries is a great addition to any Expedition. Student Explorers enjoy making many discoveries.

Cost – $3.00 per Explorer | Adds ≈30 minutes to the Expedition time.

Critter Corner

Have a meet and greet with four of the denizens of our Critter Corner. Explorers will get some limited hands-on time with some of JMDC’s collection of turtles, snakes, lizards, and invertebrates. Discover their eating habits, habitats, and lifestyles.

Cost – $3.00 per Explorer | Adds ≈30 minutes to the Expedition time.

Shop in the Gift Shop of Discoveries

Student Explorers want to bring home something to remember their outings from school. JMDC provides the perfect Student Explorer shopping experience. With many items priced for the Student Explorer starting at $1.00 or less all it takes is a few dollars to bring home some memories. JMDC will pay the tax on all Student Explorer cash purchases, this makes it simpler for Student Explorers to shop without figuring the tax.

No Cost, except what you spend | Adds ≈30 minutes to the Expedition time.

Hike to the Mammoth

If your Explorers are interested in meeting Eddie the Mammoth up close and in person, add a Hike to the Mammoth to your Expedition. Follow your guide through the hills and up to Eddie where you will view the Jurupa Valley below you.

Cost – $1.00 per Explorer | Adds ≈30 minutes to the Expedition time.



Family Learning Expeditions

Join a Learning Expedition into the past with a JMDC Guide.  Families of Explorers or Solo Explorers will have fun while discovering about Rocks, Minerals and how Fossils are formed.  You will then move into the reserved part of property to continue looking at more Dinosaurs sculptures and end by making a personal collection of twelve rocks, mineral or fossils.  Come out and explore the past with JMDC.

Cost is $9.00 per person, children under two years of age are no charge.

metal art triceratops at jmdc

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center


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Eddie the Mammoth

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