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Succulent Care

Proper sunlight. Some succulents like full sun while others prefer partial shade. Find out what your succulent prefers.

Do not over water. Let the soil dry out in between waterings. 

Choose a well draining pot and soil. A Cactus and Succulent mix containing pumice or perlite usually works best.

Keep your succulent clean and free of bugs.

Fertilize succulents during their particular growing season. Only use fertilizer meant for cactus and succulents. Over fertilizing may cause too rapid and/or soft growth.


Choose a container with plenty of drainage holes. Succulents do not like too much water. Good drainage helps prevent root rot. We carry a variety of pots to meet your needs.

Choose cactus and succulent mix containing pumice or perlite.

Spring and summer is usually the best time to pot. Do not repot during a succulents dormant season.

After getting the succulent out of the old pot, clean some soil off so you can provide fresh soil to the pot.

Place your cactus or succulent where it will get the proper amount of sunlight/shade.

Customer reviews

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We love browsing around the nursery and picking out our favorite items.
John D.

The plant Nursery on site is Amazing! The plants are sold for such a great price! Mike is such a wealth of knowledge and provides the best customer service!
Jennifer S.

Love this nursery. I have gotten several plants frome here and they are beautiful.
Susie G.


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